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Edward Kaloust Founder and CEO
Edward Kaloust - Founder/CEO

"Our amazing success over the past 15 years is due in large part, to you entrusting us with your care and the care of your friends and family. We are extremely proud and thankful that more than half of new patients are based on your referrals. And without your dedication and adherence to the program, we would not be fast approaching 7 million pounds lost nationwide. I thank you for your dedication and loyalty to Medi-Weightloss®"

Edward Kaloust - Founder

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Medi-Weightloss® was developed by physicians, registered dietitians, and health professionals in the area of weight loss to help you control your calorie and carbohydrate intake while eating the optimum amount of protein to preserve muscle mass. The Medi-Weightloss® Program is evidence-based to result in a successful lifestyle change. When administering the treatment, Medi-Weightloss® healthcare providers take each patient’s unique health profile into account, which is what makes us The One that Works!®



Amazing Support

Our program is based on weekly visits where we do body composition analysis, complete medical exam (including blood panel and EKG) and even more, we educate our patients about nutrition and fitness.


Physician Supervised

We are a physician supervised weight loss program where we offer a balance of education, appetite management and exercise activity to lose weight. We teach you strategies to keep weight off using real food. This is not a quick fix – our program is a lifestyle change.


Proven Success

Over 8 million pounds lost nationwide since 2006. Do not just take our word for it! Our patients are thrilled to tell the story about their weight loss journey. Find inspiration and motivation to join them on the path from before to after here!


Tools for Success

We offer a wide variety of Signature Supplements and Products to help you with your weight loss goals. We have a Signature Patient Website to help you and to keep track of your weight loss progress. Also part of our program is the Tanita scale, which measures your body composition and The ReeVue™ metabolic test which measures resting energy expenditure to give a more precise diet and calorie intake according to each patient needs.


Signature Products

Our Signature Supplements and Products contain only the highest-quality ingredients and are specifically designed with proprietary formulations that supply the nutrients you need to help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight. All of them have the optimum amount of protein with low amounts of calories and carbohydrates.


Comprehensive Research

The American Medical Association (2013) recognizes OBESITY as a disease that requires a range of medical interventions. Health problems, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, require the specialized, often individualized, care of a healthcare professional. This is why one- size-fits-all approaches to weight loss and weight maintenance often don’t result in long-term success. Research has shown that physician- supervised weight loss programs are an effective way to lose weight and maintain that weight loss over time (Jensen et al., 2013).

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