Picture of Sherry

Sherry lost 91 pounds!

Transformation is not a strong enough word to explain what Medi-Weightloss• did for me both physically and mentally. For nearly a decade, I tried to avoid any and all photo opportunities with my family. I lost 9 years of precious photo memories with my 2 beautiful children and wonderful husband, all because I was horrified about the way I looked and felt. After countless failures with other diet plans, I knew Medi-Weightloss• would be different. How did I know? Because from day 1 (May 16, 2017 to be exact) the staff at Medi-Weightloss• held me accountable for my actions. My newfound accountability was also for my family. It was a feeling that I never truly experienced or cared about before. I quickly learned from the Medi-Weightloss• staff that I had the power to make a significant change and that I am the only one who can do it. Wow! Talk about a powerful epiphany. I knew at that moment I was ready for the challenge and after 9 months and over 90 pounds of weight loss later, I never looked back. I know I will never get those photo opportunities back, but you better believe that I am making up for it now. The photo albums are filling up, but this time I'm in them. This transformation of simply being present is responsible for improving every relationship I have with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and even strangers. The Medi-Weightloss• Program and the brilliant staff in Woodstock, GA transformed my life forever.

† On average, patients on our individualized restricted calorie program lose 6.4 pounds the first week and 14 pounds the first month. Medical supervision required.

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