Why not?  

Have you ever celebrated National Talk Like a Pirate Day? Created in 1995, this event takes place annually on Sept. 19. Today, people from all around the world dress and talk like pirates, seeking unique ways to celebrate the occasion. So why not work out like a pirate? This is a great opportunity to change up your exercise routine.

Dive in: Pirates are good swimmers, and, with practice, you can hone your swimming skills, too. This fun, yet challenging, activity burns fat, improves muscle tone, and may slow the aging process. Research shows that people who swim regularly are biologically up to 20 years younger than their actual age. Swimming also keeps your heart healthy and strengthens your bones.

Row, Row, Row: If you want to be a real pirate, it's essential to learn how to row. Most gyms have one or more rowing machines. These devices are easy to use and work your whole body. Rowing is one of the most challenging activities you can try. It targets the back, shoulders, arms, and core muscles as well as the legs and glutes. Benefits include fat loss, greater aerobic endurance, and increased fitness.


Walk the Plank: Planks strengthen your core and shape all muscles. Next time you do this exercise, walk out your plank while holding your abs tight. Your hands should be placed under your shoulders. Use your elbows to move back and forth.








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