Staying hydrated is key during your weight loss journey, but there is more than one way to do so. Did you know that some of your favorite fruits and veggies are mostly water? Check out the following foods that consist of an impressive 85% of water or more:

1. Watermelon: Watermelon is made up of 92% water! Not only is it high in fiber, which helps you stay full longer, but this fruit is loaded with many other vitamins and minerals. 1 ¼ cup of watermelon is a great midday snack.

2. Cucumber: Cucumbers are not just for the spa and are a great addition to any salad, water drink, or by itself! Made up of 96% water, cucumbers have the highest water content of any fruit. Try adding one cup raw, chopped cucumbers to your next glass of water for a fresh flavor.

3. Tomatoes: Rich in vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K1, and vitamin B9, fresh tomatoes are low in carbs and are made up of 95% water. This vibrant vegetable adds a pop of color and taste to any salad. 1 medium tomato counts towards 1 of 2 daily servings of vegetables in the Acute Phase.

4. Spinach: This powerhouse green is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants to benefit eye health and reduce blood pressure levels. Made up of 91% water, 1 cup of raw spinach is great as a salad, in a smoothie, or use ½ cooked in your morning eggs!

5. Mushrooms: Unlike other white foods, mushrooms are not to be avoided! Over a dozen vitamins and minerals are packed into this low-calorie, low-fat, 91% water food. ½ cup of cooked mushrooms can be a great side to any protein heavy dinner.

6. Cantaloupe: Made up of 90% water, this fruit helps keep you hydrated and aid in digestion. Mix 1 cup diced with Greek yogurt for a sweet treat after dinner!

7. Broccoli: The world’s most popular vegetable, this green includes more protein than most other vegetables and is 89% water. Blanch ½ cup of broccoli to get the most health benefits and add a tasty side to any dish.

8. Brussel sprouts: Brussel sprouts are related to broccoli and are 86% water. Their high fiber content helps aid in gut health as just ½ cup fulfills up to 8% of daily fiber needs. By roasting these vegetables with salt and pepper, you can enjoy a little crunch with your next meal.

9. Blueberries: This superfood contains 84% water and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Adding ¾ cup of unsweetened, frozen blueberries to your next protein shake for a punch of flavor can also help in improving insulin sensitivity in those at high risk for diabetes.

10. Apples: Despite their low-calorie count, apples are very filling due to their high fiber content. Made up of 86% water, 1 small apple (4oz) contains 17% of your daily fiber intake.  Enjoy 1 serving size in any salad to add a crunch and sweetness.

These delicious fruits and veggies can be added to any meal or drink to keep you hydrated on your weight loss journey. We can’t wait to hear which one is your favorite. Visit us on Instagram or Facebook and tell us how you stay hydrated!