Soup isn’t just good for soul, it’s good for colds. A widespread consensus that has been passed down by mothers and grandmothers for centuries is in fact true. Studies and doctors prove the age-old myth can actually help alleviate symptoms.

With the beautiful chilly winter season, also comes the susceptibility to getting sick and spending days bed-ridden. Not to mention the terrible symptoms from runny nose, congestion, coughing, a sore throat and sometimes achy bones. But thankfully there’s a natural cure that can help soothe all your symptoms, a good warm cup of soup.  So grab yourself a cup of soup and try out its aiding powers. Each soup has its own healing powers and although it hasn’t been proven to cure colds, it does help combat inflammation.

  • Chicken soup helps with congestion, and it inhibits white blood cells that cause inflammation. Also, the noodles are packed with carbs to help you feel full and satisfied. Try adding chicken or try our Double Chicken Noodle Soup for more protein to make you feel fuller. As another added benefit, chicken is great for boosting immunity and helps regulate digestion. Finish off with a 1 tsp of freshly grated ginger to help thin mucus, which can really help if you have mucus build-up or a stubborn cough. Also, ginger helps your body sweat out all of the toxins that you feel when you’re sick.
  • Vegetable and tomato soup are great too because both provide you with added vitamins and minerals.

Make sure to check out our delicious soups as they don’t have all the hidden salt like commercial canned soups.

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