For many, the biggest obstacle to losing weight is staying motivated. After a long day, the last thing you want to do is go for a run. However, putting off exercise can be one of the main reasons you're not reaching your ideal weight. While it may seem difficult to squeeze exercise into the middle of your schedule, there are ways to get up, get out and stay fit.

1. Start early. This is the best way to avoid any procrastination when it comes to exercising! If it’s the first thing you do in the morning, there is no way to put it off.

2. Don’t ignore the weekends. After working a strenuous week, many people kick back and relax. However, with so much more free time, you’d be remiss not to make the most of it. An hour of exercise on Saturday and Sunday still leaves you plenty of time to unwind.

3. Enlist the help of a friend. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to have somebody pushing you to exercise. If you have a friend or family member running or going to the gym with you, you’ll be less likely to skip a day.

4. Add exercise to everyday activities. Going to the grocery store? Park further away. Always choose the stairs over the escalator or elevator. If you have a lunch break, why not go for a walk instead of staying put? These might be little changes, but every small step can go a long way, and it’s a great way to start down the path to changing your lifestyle.

5. Don't make excuses for missing workouts. Getting to the gym or jogging outdoors can be challenging when the weather is bad and you are running on a tight schedule, but these shouldn’t be excuses for missing workouts. There are many other activities you can do to burn calories in the comfort of your home. Exercise DVDs, such as InterActive Exercise, are effective ways to get in shape if you’re short on time, traveling, or just want to change up your routine. Place the DVD near your TV and make a commitment to workout before watching your favorite shows.

Whatever activities you choose, making fitness a priority is the best way to stay fit when your schedule is hectic.