It can be easy to stick to a healthy diet at home. You buy the right foods, count your calories and cook your own meals. However, social events tend to set even the strictest dieters back. Being surrounded by sweets and high-calorie foods is hard enough, but avoiding these items and not insulting the host can be tricky too. So, how can you be polite without breaking your diet?

Tips for keeping your diet at a cocktail party

You may think cocktail party hors d'oeuvres are so small they couldn't possibly hurt your diet, but you're wrong. Just because you aren’t sitting down to a meal does not mean you can throw your diet out the window. Most cocktail party treats are incredibly high in calories for such a small portion, meaning you're adding up the calories without any of the satisfaction of feeling full.

Do a walk-through of the party and scope out the hors d'oeuvres selection when you first arrive. That way you'll know exactly what you want to save your calories for. Don't stand near the hors d'oeuvres throughout the party. It's a dangerous spot that's far too tempting.

Upon arrival, don't go straight for the spread and don't start off with a cocktail. Instead, give yourself about 15 minutes with a non-caloric beverage like sparkling water. Party guests usually start with the food as a social buffer, but this can lead to overdoing it. Likewise, if you go straight for a cocktail, you're more likely to over-indulge in foods later.

For every cocktail or glass of wine, have a glass of water. This will keep you fuller longer, and keep you from drinking too much.

Tips for keeping your diet while out to dinner

Business events in restaurants can be difficult for dieters. To keep calories low without bringing attention to your diet, follow these helpful tips:

1. Always order the steamed vegetable or mixed greens as a side

2. Avoid cream-based soups and salad dressings

3. Avoid the bread basket

4. Choose lean protein

5. Stick to a maximum of one alcoholic beverage

No matter what your social event, plan ahead to avoid temptation. If there's an indulgence you just can't miss, don't deprive yourself - just count it toward your daily calorie goal. Taste a bite of dessert, or have that glass of wine - just don't overdo it. If you indulge in moderation, you can have fun without putting a strain on your diet.