Have you been feeling a little off-balance and stressed lately? Many of us are trying to find ways to cope with the anxiety and stress that has come along with COVID-19 and our new stay at home lifestyle. We thought we would help by providing a few ways to calm your mind and body when you need it most.

Practice Mindfulness: Sit quietly in place and focus on your breathing. Try to place yourself in the present moment and let out a deep breath. A quick Google search can provide other ways to practice mindfulness as well as apps like Calm that focus on mindfulness and meditation.

Get Out a Yoga Mat: There are several free or low-cost options for practicing yoga at home. From working on your breathing, to stretching and finding a sense of calm, yoga is a great tool!

Stay Connected: Remember that your loved ones are only a phone call or Zoom call away! Arrange for a family meetup on Zoom or schedule a call with a friend to catch up. It is important to communicate with those you love and remember that we are in this together.

Take a Walk: Go for a stroll around your neighborhood with your dog or leisure walk through the park. Getting some fresh air while moving your body might be just what you need. 

Remember, now is the time for you to focus on your health and work on ways to minimize the stress you may be feeling. Find what works for you and keep it going!