Many people struggle with weight loss, but a new study shows that regularly getting a good night's sleep and reducing stress levels can be helpful on the road to living a healthier life.

About 500 participants from Kaiser Permanente in Oregon and Washington were examined in a study, funded by the National Institutes of Health's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Researchers looked at weight loss in correlation to activities, such as television watching, computer usage, and sleep. The study found that individuals who received between six and eight hours of sleep a night and made an effort to lower their stress were more likely to lose at least 10 pounds.

"This study suggests that when people are trying to lose weight, they should try to get the right amount of sleep and reduce their stress," said Charles Elder, the lead author of the study. "Some people may just need to cut back on their schedules and get to bed earlier. Others may find that exercise can reduce stress and help them sleep."

Sleep is not only crucial to helping individuals participating in weight loss programs, but to people looking to maintain their overall health. By getting a good night's rest on a regular basis, individuals can lower their anxiety throughout the day and rely less on snacking for energy. In the end, putting a stop to sleep deprivation can come with a number of mental and physical health benefits.