Spring has arrived, and it’s time for a refresh! Doing the same old workout and diet gets boring fast and becomes ineffective after some time, which means that these ideas may give you just
what you need to lose those last couple pounds.

Refocus on hydration  
We often overlook how essential water is to our weight loss journey, even though we all
drink it daily. Bringing it back into the forefront of your spring reset can be
super beneficial for weight loss. Water is a natural appetite suppressant and it increases calorie burn. Also, be sure to drink some water first the next
time you feel like snacking. Oftentimes thirst is mistaken for hunger.

Start with a clean slate
Completely cleaning out your fridge and pantry will allow you
to be open to a whole host of new meal possibilities. You’ll be able to
reorganize and highlight your favorite ingredients, while purging things that no
longer serve you.

Get into organic produce
Eating what the earth organically provides is a great way to revamp your weight loss
routine. Produce changes seasonally, giving you a new menu of fruits and
vegetables to cook with every few months, not to mention the lack of pesticides
that aren’t good for you. Bonus points if you can walk to your local farmers
market and get some steps in!

Reset your sleep schedule
Sleep is an integral part of the weight loss journey that we typically forget about.
Sleep deprivation results in more snacking and a sluggish metabolism, both of
which are detrimental to weight loss. Now that we have sprung forward, the days
are longer, and our sleep schedules must be adjusted anyway. You might as well
aim for consistency and reap the benefits of getting enough sleep – aim for
seven or more hours each night.

Try a fresh workout 
We are lucky to exist in a time where everywhere you turn there
is a new, fun workout waiting to be tried. Changing up our usual workouts not
only stimulates our brain, but also various muscles that haven’t been worked in
a while, which can allow for a weight loss plateau breakthrough. Try a new workout
plan in the Medi-Weightloss® Signature Patient Website. Don’t forget to journal it!

Spring is a beautiful time of change, growth, and fulfillment. There are so many opportunities to switch up a tired routine and reap the benefits of doing something different. Try one or two (or all!) of these ways to freshen things up and break out of your comfort zone. You will reach your goals before you know it!