Most people think living a healthy lifestyle is just for adults. Children however, also need good nutrition, exercise, and sleep to help support their growing bodies. By setting goals together you’re not only getting more time to bond, but you also are able to achieve your goals as a team. Below are some tips on how to come up with family goals:

  • Make your goals specific.  Instead of saying your family’s goal is to “be more active” define how you’re going to be more active as a team.  A more specific goal would be “we will walk every evening for 50 minutes together. “
  • Set realistic goals. Don’t set your family up for failure by making your goals too difficult to achieve. Choose smaller goals that can be the stepping stones to larger goals.
  • Set a timeframe for your goals. By setting a timeframe everyone will be on the same page and will be held accountable.
  • Write down your goals. Let your kids write down the goals and keep them involved in every step, so they can be excited about this new journey. And display all of your goals on the fridge so that it can serve as a reminder.

Fun ways of incorporating your family’s goals:

  • Hold a backyard fitness tournament. Some fun ideas include volleyball, racquetball, basketball, soccer, or a relay-race.  If it’s too cold outside try small tournaments indoors, like who can do the most jumping jacks, sit-ups, or pushups.
  • Have a family cook-off or bake-off challenge. The rules are simple: whichever team creates the healthiest best tasting dish wins. The judge can be a friend, neighbor, or relative who is a healthy foodie at heart. Lastly, create a prize as an incentive such as choosing the snack at family game night or movie night.
  • Let your kids choose from a list of healthy meals. Kids can be picky, which is why letting them pick from a list of healthy options can be beneficial. Stuck on coming up with healthy ideas then check out our recipes listed online.
  • Set up weekly meetings. Congratulate each other on your success and brainstorm on areas that need improvement.