Your physical fitness level will continue to improve as you progress through the Medi-Weightloss® Program, and it is important to change your exercise routine to match your new fitness level. We recommend reviewing and adjusting your program every six weeks. Answer the questions below to determine whether your program needs a reboot.

Do I still like what I'm doing? Even if rollerblading sounded like the best workout in town six weeks ago, if you find yourself dragging to lace up your skates, it may be time for a change. Even small changes in the location or time you workout can reinvigorate your fitness routine.

Is my routine getting easier? Six weeks should be enough time to see a change in your fitness level. Is your 3 mile walk easier on your legs, lungs, and heart? Do you find the last few repetitions of the bicep curl easier? If so, it's time to make an adjustment. Over time, your body adapts to the same exercise routine and intensity, and it takes less effort and calories to perform the same routine. Try adding small interval bursts to your walk (walking for 3 minutes at your normal pace and then 2 minutes at a faster pace) or add a few more pounds to your strength-training routine.

Is my program balanced? Are you suffering from any overuse injuries? Muscle soreness is typical with exercise, but if you are continually sore or feeling discomfort in a certain area, it may be from overuse. Ensure your strength training routine is equally working the back, front, and sides of your body to ensure you are building overall body strength. The same goes for cardio. If you are suffering from shin splints or tight muscles, you may need to add more variety to your routine. For example, try the cross trainer or in-line skating as an alternative to jogging or walking.

Am I seeing results? The easiest way to determine if your program is working, results! If you are reaching your goals, it's time to set new ones. If you have been walking for six weeks, it may be time to register for a 5k or start incorporating intervals of running into your walking routine (i.e., walking for 4 minutes and running for 1 minute). Continually reviewing and modifying your fitness goals will keep you moving down the path to optimal wellness.