Are you having a few friends or family over for a Memorial Day get-together? Have you been mulling over what kind of snacks to have out that are both tasty and won’t compromise your new healthy lifestyle? We know that when it comes to recipes our Signature Patient Website has you covered but we thought we would help by sharing a few of our favorite and program-approved snacks that you can share with the ones you love! 

Sour Cream & Herb Zippers: These are the herby and crunchy snacks that pack all the flavor and none of the unhealthy fat, grease, and excess calories. So good you’ll do a double take when you see they’re only 100 calories per serving. These would be perfect in the chip bowl! 

Classic Marshmallow Crisp: Looking for something sweet? Do you love the delicious taste of a gooey marshmallow crisp? At only 100 calories, 5g of fiber, and 11g of protein, this is the yummiest snack you can offer! Lay these out on the snack tray and watch how quickly they get eaten up!

Cheddar & Onion Protein Chips: Light, tangy, and deliciously crisp our Cheddar and Onion Protein Chips are the perfect savory bite. Whether eaten as a snack or a flavor-packed breading, these cheesy chips pack quite the punch. Each serving contains 12g of protein and only 100 calories. 

BBQ Zippers: Thinking about grilling out? If so you just can't beat a delicious burger and chips....especially these BBQ flavored Zippers! 

We can't wait to hear which ones you tried and which ones were the favorites! Visit us on Instagram or Facebook and tell us about your snack attack favorites or leave a review on our shop!