Trying to lose weight isn't as easy as it seems, especially when you're doing it alone. Studies have shown that people with a weight loss partner lost more weight and inches on their waist than those who went about it alone. With that being said, this article will take you through the six main reasons why having a weight loss buddy is more beneficial than trying to meet goals on your own. 


Support System: A weight loss journey will physically and mentally challenge you. There will be times when you feel like you're losing hope, but your partner will be there to remind you that setbacks are just part of the process. Their ongoing encouragement is a vital component to you reaching your goals. 


Maintain Accountability: It's easy to lose motivation to go to the gym when it's just you. Having someone by your side is crucial since your accountability partner will hold you to your word during difficult moments, whether in your car while avoiding the gym, or in the kitchen thinking about that extra snack. 


Understanding: When you experience challenging times - a slip up in your diet or another day off from the gym - your partner will be there to provide the understanding and empathy you need. They're going through it too, experiencing the same feelings as you. 


Fun!: Now, this one may sound crazy, but working out will slowly become fun! You'll start looking forward to the mental and emotional release you experience from your workouts. As a bonus, you and your buddy will develop a unique bond from taking this journey together!


Friendly Competition: There's nothing like friendly competition to push each other. Next time you're working out with your partner, try seeing who can do the most reps or go for the longest amount of time. Not only will it challenge you, but it will also motivate you.  


Celebration: Lastly, the most important thing is having someone to celebrate your success with! Once you accomplish major milestones like hitting your halfway mark, your weight loss buddy will commend your hard work, and they'll have a complete understanding of what it took you to reach your goal. Together you can celebrate and appreciate sticking to your whole foods diet and daily gym sessions with pure bliss!


It's easy to think about losing weight and want to go about it alone. Maybe it's shame, embarrassment, or the idea that it'll just be "easier" that way, but it’s not. Having a weight loss partner isn't just about having someone to hold you accountable. It's about having each other to turn to when you need someone who truly understands how you feel when times get tough and sharing praise for your little milestones that don't seem so big to outsiders.