While keeping the body hydrated is one of the easiest ways to improve health, research shows that nearly half of us are dehydrated. To stay healthy and hydrated, we should all strive to drink at least half of our body weight (in ounces of water) daily. For example, a person that weighs 180 pounds should aim to consume 90 ounces of fluid per day. Poor hydration can affect body temperature, energy, brain function, digestion, mood, performance, and joint health. Poor hydration can also adversely affect appetite, causing people to eat when they should be drinking. To prevent overeating, try drinking a glass of water before each meal. Have you been working out? That may play a role in how much you need to hydrate as well. If you have recently added exercise into your daily routine, you should keep in mind that it is extremely important to keep hydrated when working out. It is recommended to drink 20 ounces of fluid within 1 hour of exercise. That could easily be translated into 4-6 gulps of fluid every 15 minutes while exercising. Keep your water bottle close by!

When it comes to choosing how to hydrate, water is always best, but there are simple ways to amplify each sip. By simply adding a single packet of our sweet and refreshing Lemon-Limeade Electrolyte Drink Mix or Peach-Mango Electrolyte Drink Mix to your water you are supplying your body with the ultimate boost of hydration. Each packet provides the necessary electrolytes and vitamins B, C, and E, you need without the unnecessary calories! Infused waters are also a fun way to enhance your water. Consider adding cucumber, mint, blackberries, or any other combination you might like to your water for that added kick of flavor!