There’s nothing like a calming cup of warm tea to make you feel a sense of comfort and peace during the cold winter months. However, beyond the comfort that a warm cup brings to the table, herbal teas can pack hidden health benefits. Below we complied a few common tea selections and their unique advantages.

Chamomile: Said to help reduce menstrual pain and muscle spasms. Chamomile is also known to improve sleep quality, amplifying relaxation, and decreasing stress.

Rooibos: Improve blood pressure and circulation, supports good cholesterol, and lowers bad cholesterol, encouraging strong and healthy skin and hair and provides some allergy relief.

Peppermint: Helps soothe an upset stomach and constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and motion sickness. Peppermint can also offer pain relief from tension headaches and migraines.

Ginger: Helping with motion sickness, chronic indigestion, and joint paint associated with osteoarthritis.

Hibiscus: Improves liver health, lowers blood sugar and fat levels, can help ward off cravings for sweets and prevent kidney stones.

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