When you think of Halloween, candy is typically the food that comes to mind. But does candy have to be the star of this fun-filled day? Not at all. Kids might say “boo” to the thought of healthy handouts, but that doesn’t have to be the case! From pretzels to cheese sticks, there are plenty of substitutes to give trick-o-treaters a healthier and desirable option.

There are plenty of benefits to swapping out regular sugary treats with healthier eats. Too much sugar can take a toll on teeth and lead to cavities. The empty calories from all the mini-sized candy bars can quickly add up to a phenomenally unhealthy number. Parents will breathe a sigh of relief when they see a smaller candy haul.

There are three things to think about when it comes to healthier Halloween alternatives: does it have less sugar; is it allergen-free; and can it come in a small size? If the answer is yes to all three, you have landed on a great alternative to candy. Instead of succumbing to the siren calls of chocolate, consider spooking your little visitors with these healthier snacks:


Thanks to portion-controlled and kids-sized individual bags, there are several cracker options to choose from. Graham crackers, pretzels, and Goldfish crackers are both familiar and delightful to kids. Some crackers even have cream cheese and almond butter filling, while others are made from nuts and vegetable flour.


Who says healthy Halloween treats need to skip the sweet? From bananas to mandarin oranges, there are plenty of fruits that come with convenient packaging. But don’t overlook dry fruit. Raisins, dates, prunes, and dry cranberries are all sweet, gooey, and full of nutrition. Other low-sugar fruit-related treats can be applesauce pouches, juice boxes and fruit leather.

Granola Bars:

There is a huge variety of granola bars in the market for both kids and adults. Whether you decide to hand out a mini version or a regular version, both sizes are appealing to kids and fun to eat. Granola bars are a great source of carbohydrates through whole grains and oats, as well as protein through nuts. Many use less sugar because of fruit filling or dry fruit ingredients.

Nuts and Lentils:

Nuts are a delicious source of carbohydrates and protein. The choices are endless: almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, pecans, and trail mixes are available in roasted, sweet, salty, and spicy flavored varieties. Another fun item to hand out is dry chickpea and bean snacks. They are crunchy, zesty, and packed with nutrition.


Cheese is a great source of protein and calcium. From mozzarella cheese sticks to parmesan crisps, there are plenty of bite-sized ways to hand it out. There are also cheese twists, cheese straws, and cheese dip and breadsticks snack combos that are enjoyable to eat.

The best thing about these healthier treats: you don’t have to wait for dessert time to indulge in them. They can be eaten right away as a snack any time of the day, at school or in the office. They are a win for healthy choices and Halloween.