Traveling can be harsh on your skin, especially if you are going to another city or continent with adverse temperature differences. However, a busy lifestyle doesn’t have to show on your skin. Keep your skin glowing and smooth with these tips.

  • Gather and pack the basics. If you plan to travel by plane, make sure to follow the TSA’s guidelines for liquids. Stick to travel-sized bottles that are less than 3-ounces. If your skin care products are more than 3-ounces, try putting them in smaller bottles.
  • Stay hydrated. Dermatologists agree that skin looks more dry and wrinkled when dehydrated (WebMD). Avoid dehydrated skin by using a moisturizer and drinking lots of water. Moisturize your skin the night before and after you flight to minimize these effects. Pressurized cabins have low levels of humidity. For instant long-lasting moisture, try Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer. This cleanser also lasts up to 8 hours and is great for long flights.  
  • Consider the climate. If you are traveling to a warmer climate, stick to lightweight formulas and for colder climates switch to heavier moisturizers.
  • Bring sunscreen. Whether you plan on going on an outdoor adventure or to the beach, it is important to pack and apply sunscreen. Aim for a non-greasy sunscreen, such as Obagi Nu-Derm Sun Shield Matte SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

No matter where you are planning to travel this year, Obagi’s skin care line makes the perfect travel companion. Safe travels!


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