Many of us are home and trying to find creative ways to fit exercise into our new routines. While going for an afternoon walk in the park is a great way to work on your cardiovascular health, we thought we would share how our Signature Patient Website can make it even easier without having to leave your home!

The Signature Patient Website offers all types of workout plans to complete no matter what your fitness level is, beginner or advanced. There are workout plans for up to 30 days and the exercises are broken down, so you’ll know how to complete each safely. Each plan is built following a schedule for the week, so you never have to worry about what to do. To update your exercise journal, simply check which exercise you’ve completed, and your journal will be updated. Challenge yourself by setting weekly goals of how many sessions you can complete and how much cardio you can accomplish. Now, if you don’t have access to dumbbells and gym equipment at home, try getting creative with household items, like chairs and canned vegetables. Create a kettlebell, by double bagging cans in plastic grocery store bags. Now, you're able to do weighted hip thrusts and other exercises! Or, check out our InterActive Exercise tools that go along with some of our workouts.

It’s important to fit your workout routine into your work from home schedule by finding time previously unavailable to you. Instead of waking up early to commute to work, complete Stretching for Stress Reduction in the morning. Find a quick 30-minute workout in the Signature Patient Website to accomplish during your lunch break to get your blood pumping! Log in to the Signature Patient Website to get started today or contact your nearest location for more information!