We just couldn’t let the month of love pass without pointing out some simple steps to fall in love with your health! Here are a few of our favorites:  

Stay hydrated. We often mistake thirst for hunger so it’s important to drink plenty of water. Drink an 8 oz glass before every meal and before reaching for a snack.

Avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcohol packs the most calories per oz – more than sugar or fat. A 12-oz beer is 150 calories, and a 3.5-oz glass of wine is 85 calories. When trying to shed pounds, it’s best to stick to water.

Read nutrition labels. It is important to know what you’re eating so you can get an accurate calorie count and eat healthier. Choose high-protein foods that prolong the feeling of fullness and avoid foods high in sugars and fats.

Skip a third. When dining out, set aside a third of your meal to reduce the temptation to clean your plate. Ask the server for a to-go container and have it for lunch the next day. This simple tactic could help you save 500 calories or more when dining out.

Be realistic.  Do not expect to reach your weight loss goal in a few weeks.  Plan on losing 1-2 pounds per week to reach your desired weight.

Move it to lose it.  Ramp up your exercise routine. Walking an extra 15 minutes per day will ramp up your calorie burn. If you’re not exercising, it’s time to start. Start slow (10-15 minutes of low intensity exercise 3-5 days a week).

Relax. Are you a stress eater? If so, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that stress increases insulin and cortisol levels, which can lead to overeating. Lifestyle changes to decrease stress include meditation and yoga.

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