• Customized Fitness Classes. This alternative to boot camps and personal training is based on the idea that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss and body toning. The problem with many boot camps is that individual weaknesses are not properly targeted. On the other hand, customized fitness classes are highly individualized, offering a mix of group and personal training.
  • Piloxing. This training method appeals to women, focusing on core strength and balance. It's a combination of boxing, dancing, and aerobics. Piloxing not only burns fat, it also tones your arms and legs, sculpts your back muscles, and strengthens your abs. Participants can burn more than 700 calories per workout (50 minutes). Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?.
  • Fusion Workouts. This training system combines two or more workouts ― yoga and cycling, dance and fitness, dance and Pilates, or yoga and Pilates. Fusion workouts offer variety, preventing boredom, and allow fitness instructors to teach familiar elements in a new format.
  • Metabolic-Based Training. More and more fitness professionals are offering metabolic-based training, a highly customized and flexible workout based on your age, gender, body weight, fitness level, and goals. It typically involves a range of exercises inspired by interval training, Tabata, HIIT and other popular training methods.


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