We’ve got the skinny on creating the ultimate electrolyte brunch bar without the unnecessary calories and with all the hydration and flavor you need! But first things first, let’s break down the reasons why a healthy swap from a traditional brunch bar to an electrolyte brunch bar is important for your weight loss efforts. As many of you know, there are several reasons why alcohol and weight loss are not a good combination. For starters alcohol has the highest number of calories, when compared to other beverages. Next up, statistics have shown that even one glass of wine or a single beer can affect your weight loss efforts. And most significantly, alcohol has been shown to increase your hunger. Researchers from the University of Liverpool studied the appetite stimulating effects of alcohol. From this study, researchers found that individuals that drank alcoholic drinks consumed on average 30 percent more calories. Researchers also found that drinking triggers impulse snacking. Simply put, alcohol can delay your progress and can promote fat storage. As soon as you drink your body, uses up stored glucose in your liver, and thus this increases appetite. This often can lead to you to gravitate towards the nearest unhealthy snack. With summer right around the corner we thought we’d help you find ways to take your weekend favorites and turn them into waistline friendly events! Que the electrolyte brunch bar! The next time you are thinking about hosting your friends and loved ones over for a brunch, here is an easy trick to create an exciting, healthy, and beautiful Electrolyte Brunch Bar!

Arrange the table: Think of it like a drink station, make sure you have out glasses or cups that your guests can grab as the first thing they see. Mason jars are a nice summer touch!

Create the base: Make sure you place this next to the cups that you set out! Select a nice pitcher or punch bowl and mix together our electrolyte mix and water. Make as much as you need to ensure that all of your guests will have enough to drink. You can add ice and zero calorie sparkling water to your pitcher if you would like. You can also add extra ice on the side for those who would like their drink even colder!   

Assemble the add-ins: Consider it a buffet style build your own drink bar! Here are a few of our favorites to have out for guests to choose from: blueberries, mint, lavender, cucumber, strawberries, raspberries, lemon, and lime!  

Dress it up: Put out some fun straws and decorative napkins for your guests to dress up their drinks! Enjoy!