As summer sizzles out, we often realize that we’ve spent most of our time escaping the heat in our air-conditioned homes. Getting off the sofa can be difficult, but where’s the fun in staying home on your last weeks of freedom? Here are some tips to help you close out the summer with a bang!

Walk It Out. It’s the easiest thing to do when those midday blues hit hard! There are always things to discover outside. Perhaps you’ll meet someone new in the neighborhood or get a glimpse of some wildlife. You can even bring your favorite furry friend with you! What family dog isn’t up for a hike?

Dive In. Swimming increases muscle tone, so you can have fun and get even more swimsuit ready! Don’t like the pool? Hit the beach. There is nothing quite like playing an intense game of beach volleyball then cooling off in the waves. Just remember, while soaking up the sun, skin protection is paramount—slather on the SPF!

Pop Some Wheelies. Is your bike sitting in the corner of the garage collecting dust? Show it some love and take it for a spin! Head to a friend’s house or take a ride with a friend! Find cool routes and turn your ride into an adventure.

Park It. Grab some friends and a ball (basketball, soccer ball, baseball, football) and head to the nearest park or field! You don’t even need bases! The only real requirement for cherishing these last days of summer is getting off the couch! Get up, get out, and do something!