We can all relate to the euphoric feeling that takes over when the pounds on the scale start to drop, even more so when they start to drop drastically. You might smile a little longer in the mirror or feel inspired to wear the little black dress you kept in the back of your closet. It’s been said that weight loss “can reinforce healthy behaviors and validate feelings of accomplishment.” There is so much to be gained now that you’ve lost the weight, but you may also want to consider that it may take you a little extra time to build confidence in the new you. Here are 5 ways to get to know the healthier you:

  1. Hi, Nice To Meet You! – Reintroduce your body to yourself by trying out a dance class, perhaps a sport you were on the fence about, or even a group fitness class. Doing something that may have been physically difficult before your weight loss helps you learn about the new you.
  2. Dress For Success – Like handing Picasso a fresh canvas. The mall is your oyster. Go shopping and try on clothes that you may have stayed away from before and see how you feel. You may even consider hiring a stylist to help you shop. Several department stores like Nordstrom offer complimentary styling.
  3. Smile, Say Cheese! – Photo journaling your progress may make it easier for you to see just how much you have changed and how far you have come. Oftentimes it can be difficult to see the new you and photos provide that hard evidence of the cold hard truth: YOU LOST THE WEIGHT!
  4. Breath in, Breath out – Spend some time meditating. Believe it or not devoting a few minutes a day to mindfully meditating on your journey and successes may help you feel more centered, grounded, and understanding of the new you.
  5. Talk It Out – If you are having difficulty accepting the new you, it may be time to talk to a counselor or loved one for support. After all, you have undergone a big change and change can be very taxing on anyone. Maybe sharing your journey with others will help you work through it yourself.

It’s time to celebrate your winnings over your weight loss; the changes you have overcome and the incredible challenge you took on and won!



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