For many of us, getting a workout in outdoors can seem simply unbearable due to that summertime heat! But giving up on exercise all together because of the weather certainly doesn’t work for our healthy lifestyle. We thought we’d help with a few useful suggestions and ways to beat the heat while still burning calories! First things first, visit the SPW! The Signature Patient Website offers all types of indoor workout plans to complete no matter what your fitness level is, beginner or advanced. There are workout plans for up to 30 days and the exercises are broken down, so you’ll know how to complete each safely. Each plan is built following a schedule for the week, so you never have to worry about what to do. To update your exercise journal, simply check which exercise you’ve completed, and your journal will be updated. Challenge yourself by setting weekly goals of how many sessions you can complete and how much cardio you can accomplish. Now, if you don’t have access to dumbbells and gym equipment at home, try getting creative with household items, like chairs and canned vegetables. Create a kettlebell, by double bagging cans in plastic grocery store bags. Now, you're able to do weighted hip thrusts and other exercises! Or, check out our InterActive Exercise tools that go along with some of our workouts.

Don’t overthink it! In fact, did you know you can even get some exercise in while shopping! Try these out the next time you go for a stroll at your local indoor mall!

  • Raise your calves when reaching up to the top shelf. When bending to the bottom shelf, sit back into a squat. Squeeze your glutes. When pushing a shopping cart, keep your abdominal engaged and maintain good posture.
  • Put the cart away and carry your bags out of the store. Perform biceps curls until you reach your car!
  • Power walk from store to store to burn calories and fat! Keep your heart rate up by walking at a moderate pace (4 mph). Park your car farther away from the store so you can walk a longer distance.
  • Don’t get on the mall elevator. Take the stairs or walk up the escalator to burn a few extra calories.
  • When waiting to pay for your purchases, squeeze your abs and glutes and hold for 15-30 seconds. Don’t worry. No one will notice.