Call it a February freebie, a day with the sole purpose of keeping the planets – and calendar – aligned. So when the sun rises on this Leap Year Day, commit to focusing on you. Need ideas?

  • Just five more minutes. Hitting the snooze button (just once) can feel like a sweet indulgence. The extra minutes it gives you “can actually help to gently awaken the mind, rather than jolt it back to wakefulness,” says David Dinges, chief of the division of sleep and chronobiology at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine. Just prepare the night before (pack lunches, choose your clothes) to still get out of the house on time and stress free.
  • Get off the beaten path. Choose a recipe from our Signature Patient Website that you haven’t tried before and get excited about dinner! Take a new walking route or stop for coffee at a local treasure. Even a small adventure can provide a reason to smile.
  • Stop and buy some roses. Whether it’s the smell or color, flowers make us happy. In one study, participants who were given flowers versus a candle or fruit basket responded with a "true smile". What’s more, three days after the delivery, flower recipients were still happier than those who received the other gifts. With bulb flowers such as tulips and daffodils just coming into season, now is a great time to pick up a bunch and truly enjoy their beauty.
  • Cherish a small pleasure. Maybe it’s a cool breeze, a cuddle from your furry friend, or even popping some bubble wrap. If it gives you a moment’s joy, it was a moment well spent.


This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be an exhaustive examination of the subject matter nor a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your primary care physician or healthcare provider before beginning any diet or exercise program.