When your kids start school this fall, they won’t be the only ones feeling stressed. Between the financial burden of tuition and school supplies, disrupted routines, juggling after-school activities and homework, and just generally worrying about your kids’ social and academic success, you’re bound to feel some start-of-the-school-year strain yourself. Here, how to beat back-to-school anxiety:

  • Give yourself a pep talk. There are a lot of years between kindergarten and college, but no matter how many times you go through it, the back-to-school transition is a hard one. Tell yourself that while change is scary, it’s exciting too. Think of all the possibilities that will open up to you and your children this year and remind yourself that you are a capable and confident adult ready to handle school-year challenges.
  • Make nutrition a priority. Hectic mornings and activity-packed evenings make it tempting to grab convenience food. Preparing meals in advance can help you steer clear of the drive-through, as can stocking up on quick and easy plan-friendly meal options such as Red Bean Chili or Vegetarian Sloppy Joe and our convenient Premium Proteins. If the change in your schedule has wreaked havoc on your digestive try Inner Balance to promote bowel regularity.
  • Get enough sleep. Seven to nine hours of sleep per night is the goal, but it’s not always a reality, especially when it’s your turn for morning car pool or you’re burning the midnight oil with your test-cramming teen. Our Stay Slim supplement has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and our Medi-Bolic Melts contain vitamin B-12 to help support higher energy levels.
  • Get involved. Join the PTA, volunteer to be a class parent, or attend a fund-raising event. Getting comfortable with the school, administration, and fellow parents can put you at ease by providing a sense of community.