It seems hard to believe, but we’re already four months into 2022, which means the New Year is not so new anymore. After weeks and weeks of trying new things, your New Year’s resolutions have either panned out or died quickly. If the latter applies to you, it’s not too late to re-engage. Whether it’s a new diet that requires discipline, a challenging new fitness routine that’s kicking your butt, or perhaps a combination of the two, we want to make sure you’re not losing sight of your goals. Here are four ways to get your New Year’s resolutions back on track.

 Remember the “Why:” Resolutions begin because of a desire to change something about your life. The visions of self-improvement and the end result were inspiring enough to make you commit to the journey. Remind yourself why you made that resolution in the first place and remember how great the finish line will be if you stick with it. It WILL be worth it.

Be Realistic & Take A Step Back: Most resolutions fail because they’re too ambitious and unrealistic. If that’s why yours got off track, regroup and dial back the expectations a bit. Pivot to daily or weekly goals that are much more manageable and reachable. Slow but steady progress is better than no progress, and eventually progress adds up. Remember, weight loss is a marathon not a sprint, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t let the lack of immediate results discourage you from working hard toward the big picture.

Celebrate Small Wins: An extension of dialing back your resolutions is to incorporate personal rewards for meeting ongoing goals. If you stayed away from dessert all week, treat yourself to a serving of Medi-Weightloss® S’mores Pudding or No-Bake Cheesecake over the weekend to celebrate. If you made it to the gym 3-5 times in a week, sleep in and enjoy a lazy Sunday on the couch. A reward to look forward to can keep you motivated and optimistic. Just make sure your rewards are moderate and don’t compromise your long-term progress. Small wins = small rewards, but enjoy them because you’ve earned them!

Anticipate Obstacles: Sometimes life gets in the way of what you’re working towards, but that’s ok! If you have disruptions like a holiday, vacation, party/gathering, or work outing coming up on your calendar, adjust your routine and plan ahead accordingly so you can stay on track. If something pops up at the last minute, do what you have to do. No one should ever have to apologize for having a good time with friends and family! Enjoy yourself, but regroup the next day and focus on a plan to get back on track. Minor setbacks will happen, but that doesn’t mean it has to result in lost progress.

We know how hard it can be to lose faith in a New Year’s resolution that isn’t working out the way you wanted it to. But 2022 is still young, and there is plenty of time to focus on what’s best for you and your body. A tweaked plan could be just what you need to get back on track and earn the life you deserve. We hope these tips help reinvigorate your motivation to continue pursuing your goals!