Squats and lunges are some of the most effective ways to strengthen the lower body, but let’s face it – we all need a little variety in our lives. Here are 10 other effective ways to sculpt and tone your glutes.

1. Clam - Bring legs between Loop and position it just above knees. Lie on right side with right arm outstretched and your ear resting on arm. Bend legs to a 90-degree angle and move knees forward of hips. Exhale and lift left knee up and away from the right, keeping feet together as if you were a clam opening its shell. Complete 8-12 repetitions on each leg.

2. Step-Ups - Find a bench, stair, or stable chair (15-inches tall). Stand, with right leg on the chair and left on the floor. Exhale and lift left leg onto chair. Inhale to starting position. Complete 8-12 repetitions on each leg.

  1. Marching Bridge - Lie on your back, with knees bent and soles of feet pressing into floor. Inhale and roll hips up. Create a straight line from your shoulders to knees (keep weight out of your neck). Make sure knees do not splay open (keep in line with feet). Lift one foot and then the other as if marching in place. Complete up to 20 repetitions.

4. Shoulder Bridge - Lie on your back with the Fit-Stik™ at your hips and the Toner under both feet. Your feet should be hips distance apart with toes slightly off the floor. Roll the Fit-Stik™ around the Toner until it is tight across your hips. Press elbows into floor and keep them stable throughout the exercise. Exhale and lift hips toward ceiling. Only go as far as you can while keeping the weight on your shoulders. Inhale and bring hips down, but do not allow hips to touch floor. Perform 8-12 repetitions.

5. Hip Rolls — Stability Ball - Lie on your back with heels hips distance apart on ball. Exhale and lift hips until your weight is on your shoulders (not neck). Inhale and roll ball away from you. Exhale and roll ball toward you, lifting hips higher. Complete 8-12 repetitions.

6. Deadlift - Stand on Toner with feet hips distance. Hinge forward from hips as far as you can while still maintaining a neutral spine (do not allow the back to round). At this position, roll the Toner around the Fit-Stik™ until it is tight. Exhale and stand tall, bringing the Fit-Stik™ straight up toward hips. Inhale and hinge back from hips, returning to starting position. Complete 8-12 repetitions.

7. Tabletop Glute Press - Press one handle of the Toner as far into the arch of your right foot as you can. Get on your hands and knees, with knees hips distance apart and hands under your shoulders. Hold the Toner with your right hand. Exhale and kick right leg back, squeezing glutes. Inhale back to starting position. Complete 8-12 repetitions on each leg. If exercise is too intense, allow more slack in the Toner (between the right leg and right hand).

8. Glute Press - Create a loop in the Toner by threading one handle through the other. Take the loop and place it around your right ankle. Place left foot on the Toner. Bring all of your weight into your left foot. Exhale and extend right hip, pressing right leg back. Be sure to only move as far as you can while maintaining your balance and a neutral spine. Inhale back to starting position. Complete 8-12 repetitions on each leg. For more intensity, decrease the slack in the Toner (between the right and left legs).

9. Glute Drops — Stability Ball - Place the Toner under your feet with the Fit-Stik™ resting on your hips. Lie face up on the ball with the back of your neck and shoulders completely supported by the ball. Spread feet hips distance apart and lift hips high in the air so they are in line with shoulders. Inhale and dip hips toward the floor. Exhale and squeeze glutes to drive hips up to starting position. Complete 8-12 repetitions.

10. Side Steps - Stand in a wide stance on Toner and bring the Fit-Stik™ up and over your head, resting it on your shoulders. Exhale and step wide to the right with your right foot. Inhale and bring left foot toward right. Keep stepping side to side, feeling the resistance in the outer thighs. Complete 8-12 repetitions in each direction.

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be an exhaustive examination of the subject matter nor a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your primary care physician or healthcare provider before beginning any diet or exercise program.