We sat down with Alina to discuss her weight loss journey and to find out how Medi-Weightloss® has changed her life. Hopefully you find her responses as inspiring as we do.

Q: How long have you struggled with your weight?

A: Since I was a young girl I have always struggled with my weight. As a teen in high school I was always the chunky girl. As a result my mother would sign me up for different weight loss programs, such as Nutri System and weight loss doctors. Although I would have some success, the weight always came back.

Q: What made you decide to join Medi-Weightloss®?

A: When I finally broke down to my mother about how miserable and embarrassed I felt about my weight and my having to purchase larger clothes, she suggested that I become a patient client at of Medi-Weightloss®. After reading their materials, I was weary of their claim that one could lose up to 20 pounds in 4 weeks and whether I could give up carbs. But having tried other diets and programs, I decided to make the initial appointment in December 2012. I had initially set a goal weight of 135 thinking that there was no possible way I could go any lower… Boy was I mistaken!

Q: What would you tell someone who has never heard of Medi-Weightloss® about our program?

A: I couldn’t believe how easy the program was and that I didn’t miss carbs at all. I lost 19.8 pounds in the first four weeks, during the Christmas Season, with holiday parties and both Christmas Eve and Christmas dinners. That was when I changed my goal weight to 125 because I saw how effective this program was. I felt a surge of energy that I haven’t felt since 2004. My confidence was returning and I was feeling wonderful about my path with Medi-Weightloss®. As I continued with the program I saw my fat just melt away. I lost some more weight during the transition to the short-term maintenance phase and shrunk down to 119.5. The last time I weighed 119 pounds was in 8th grade. I have now been maintaining my weight between 119.5 and 121 pounds for nearly 4 months.

Q: How has your life changed since going on the Medi-Weightloss® program?

A: Friends and family cannot believe the transformation my body has taken. Not only did Medi-Weightloss® help me lose the weight, I feel more confident and beautiful. I am wearing clothes that I only dreamt of wearing. And Medi-Weightloss® flattered me and gave me a great experience when the asked if I would do a photo shoot. I am no longer that chunky girl, but a svelte beautiful healthy young woman who cannot stop glowing, thanks to Medi-Weightloss®!