Today, health enthusiasts understand strength training is a vital component of weight loss and weight maintenance. And one of the best tools for strength training is the resistance band. In fact, fitness novices and experts alike have long used resistance bands to build strength and burn calories. If you're still skeptical here are six reasons to invest in resistance bands.

  • Inexpensive: Create a home gym for less than $100 (or a few months membership at your local gym). Need instruction and motivation? Resistance bands often come with recommended exercises and sometimes include a DVD.
  • Portable: Have you ever tried to travel with free weights? We didn’t think so. But resistance bands are lightweight, making them easy to take to work, the kids’ after-school activities, and on family vacation. And with numerous free online fitness videos, you can easily work out in your office, hotel room, or patio. No more time wasted driving to the gym or waiting around for class to start.
  • Variety: Resistance bands offer endless exercise options to keep your workout fresh and fun.
  • Adaptable: Resistance bands come in a variety of levels. Beginner bands start at 7 pounds of resistance, whereas advanced bands can provide 33 pounds or more.
  • Full-Body Workout: You can work every major muscle with resistance bands. Add a door anchor or wall attachment and you can simulate every pushing, pulling, and rotational exercise you would find in a state-of-the-art gym.
  • Fun: You can easily take a resistance band on your walk or run to add fun, fat-blasting strength intervals to your workout. Not sure what exercises to do? Tone to Go talks you through a heart-pumping, 30-minute cardio strength workout.