Football-watching parties – what with their loaded nachos, deep-fried chicken wings, and free-flowing libations – can sack any well-intentioned eating plan. In fact, it’s been estimated that if you eat just a single serving of all the food advertised during the big game, you’d consume 925 calories. Avoid the penalties and put yourself in scoring position with this game plan:

  1. Make a playbook. Well before the party date, start strategizing. Research a healthy snack you can bring to make sure you have something to eat that won’t derail all your hard work. Check out our Signature Patient Website for lots of great ideas.
  2. Remember, the best defense is an offense. To minimize the calorie damage just one football party can cause, limit what you eat the day before and after.
  3. Assess the competition. Look around at the food offerings and start thinking about which make the best choices. Are there crudités instead of chips? Berries instead of brownies? Some lean deli meats instead of lasagna?
  4. Don’t fumble. Just can’t resist the pizza or cupcakes? Have a taste. Then build your plate around fruit, veggies, a salad, and baked chips – items that even the most decadent football party is likely to provide.
  5. Concentrate on the game instead of the buffet table. Remember why you’re there: to cheer and socialize. The food and drink are secondary!