Are you looking for a delicious way to swap out the traditional summer eats with some of our slimming favorites? We’ve got you covered! Pick one or all of the swaps below for a tasty, nutritious, and waistline friendly summertime meal!  


Ditch: Beef/pork hot dogs

Dish Up: Grilled chicken

What You’ll Save: A 1.8 oz beef hot dog has 165 calories and nearly 15g fat (and that’s without the bun and condiments). A 4 oz serving of skinless, boneless chicken breast has only 140 calories and negligible fat.



Ditch: Mayonnaise-based salads (pasta, potato, etc.)

Dish Up: Grilled veggie kabobs

What You’ll Save: One cup of potato salad will set you back 350 calories and 20g of fat. On the other hand, a grilled veggie kabob comes in at just over 100 calories and 4g of fat.



Ditch: Onion dip

Dish Up: Guacamole

What You’ll Save: While there isn’t a big difference in calories or overall fat, the majority of the fat in guacamole is monounsaturated, which may help lower diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk. What’s more, guacamole is higher in fiber than onion dip and has almost no cholesterol, making it a far healthier option.



Ditch: Cocktails

Dish Up: Unsweetened iced green tea

What You’ll Save: An 8 oz margarita packs 455 calories and a daiquiri-flavored wine cooler can have over 40g of sugar (carbs). Unsweetened green tea is a zero-calorie drink with the added bonus of antioxidants.



Ditch: S’mores

Dish Up: S'mores Pudding

What You’ll Save: You’ll bank about 250 calories and 10g of fat while still indulging in a classic taste of summer!