#1 New Year Wellness

It’s a new year but that doesn’t mean you can’t still give the gift of wellness. Show off your weight loss to your employer and help your colleagues reap the benefits of losing weight and improving their health with Medi‐Weightloss®. Click here to read more!




#2 Top 5 Holiday Foods to Avoid
Many people have a hard time maintaining their healthy eating habits during the holiday season. Everywhere you look, you'll encounter delicious cakes and pies, cheese logs, steak, wine and other calorie-laden foods. Here are some party favorites you should be sure to avoid. Click here to read more!




#3 Focus on Healthy Living this Summer
The first day of summer is quickly approaching. Now’s the perfect time to focus on you. Here are a few tips to help you stay active and healthy this summer:Click here to read more!




#4 Power Up Your Diet With Seasonal Delights.
Each season of the year offers an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables.
We’re breaking down why you should eat local and eat what’s in season.
Click here to read more!




#5 Stay Fit During The Winter.
Do you have a hard time exercising in the winter? 
Here are a few tips to stay motivated this winter and beat the cold weather: Click here to read more!




#6 Things to do on Just Because Day
Celebrated on Aug. 27, Just Because Day is your chance to do something without a reason. It could be a morning workout, a good deed, or an unplanned trip. The whole point is to do something out of the ordinary just because. Here are some ideas. Click here to read more!




#7 From Winter Blues to St. Patty’s Green!
St. Patrick’s Day is nearly here and that means spring is nearly here too! St. Patrick’s Day, a celebration of Irish culture, is mainly known for food, parades, and good times with friends and family! These recipes will allow you to celebrate the day in a healthier way! Click here to read more!




#8 The Big 3 Are Upon Us
It's no secret that October, November, and December are some of the hardest months to stay on track with healthy eating and exercising. From cooler weather that makes getting outdoors less desirable to holiday parties and family gatherings, temptations are everywhere. 
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#9 Work Out Like A Pirate Day
Have you ever celebrated National Talk Like a Pirate Day? Created in 1995, this event takes place annually on Sept. 19. Today, people from all around the world dress and talk like pirates, seeking unique ways to celebrate the occasion. So why not work out like a pirate? This is a great opportunity to change up your exercise routine. Click here to read more!




#10 Hop into Success
Keeping healthy snacks on hand and viewing a restaurant’s menu online before dining out are two small ways you can set yourself up for success. If you want to take that to the next level, jump in to the world of meal planning! Click here to read more!


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