We want to thank everyone who participated in our 100 Medi-Weightloss® reasons campaign. See if the reason why you chose Medi-Weightloss®made our top 100 list.

  1. “Medi-Weightloss®chose me!” -Patient from Bristol, CT
  2. “My health matters.” –Patient from Leesburg, VA
  3. “Encouragement!” –Patient from Midlothian, VA
  4. “I want to be healthy enough to create memories with my grandchildren.” –Patient from Midlothian, VA
  5. “I love the one-on-one support I receive!” –Patient from De Pere, WI
  6. “I wanted to take control of my life and Medi-Weightloss ®offered me that chance.” –Patient from Macon, GA
  7. “I wanted to watch my children graduate high school, to be there when they all get their college degrees, and watch them all get married.” –Patient from College Station, TX
  8. “Having to face the scale keeps me accountable.” –Patient from Lutz, FL
  9. “The program was covered by my insurance, which makes it an affordable solution!” –Patient from Lansdowne, VA
  10. “I struggled with my weight my entire life and a dear friend suggested the Medi-Weightloss®Program to me.” -Patient from Glen Allen, VA
  11. “Because of the support from counselors, easiness, and the supplements.” –Patient from Clearwater, FL
  12. “I needed a body reboot after having three pregnancies. Medi-Weightloss®was the perfect fit for my busy mom lifestyle.” - Patient from Lansdowne, VA
  13. “I chose Medi-Weightloss®because I have seen it work and you are given clear, data driven results to help you stay on track!”- Patient from Houston Memorial, TX
  14. “The online reviews were amazing and I knew I had to try it. I'm so glad I did because the weight finally came off.” – Patient from Lutz, FL
  15. “It is scientifically proven to reduce weight safely, and is registered by medical professionals who are committed to teaching lifelong habits.” – Marsha from Marietta, GA
  16. “My cholesterol and blood pressure skyrocketed, and I knew that I needed to so something. Medi-Weightloss®has helped me lose the weight, keep it off, and to develop a MUCH healthier relationship with food.” -Patient from Lynwood, WA
  17. “My doctor recommended it. I had tried everything out there and this is the first one in 20 years that worked!” –Patient from Fort Worth, TX
  18. “I have tried in vain for 30 years and participated in over 10 programs in that amount of time. With Medi-Weightloss®, I've lost more weight in less time than with any other program!” –Patient from Glen Allen, VA
  19. “I was at a point in my life that I needed a hip replacement. Doctors refused the surgery because I was overweight. I was advised to go to Medi-Weightloss®since it is physician-supervised weight loss program.” -Patient from Raleigh, NC
  20. “Most programs require lots of physical activity to achieve fast weight loss. I wanted something that would become a lifestyle.” -Patient from Overland Park, KS
  21. “I was sick and tired of being overweight, unhealthy, and lacking confidence in my appearance. I had seen the building for years and finally decided to make an appointment. Now, my husband and I are both down 60 pounds each! “ –Patient from Melbourne, FL
  22. “Because the doctors and staff are very supportive!” –Patient from Lakeland, FL
  23. “My doctor wanted me to try a nutrition based program and I chose Medi-Weightloss®. The program is wonderful. I highly recommend this program and of course this location.” -Patient from North Austin, TX
  24. This program helped me make lifestyle changes!” –Patient from Vandalia, OH
  25. “I chose Medi-Weightloss®because I saw the commercial on TV and then I looked online and saw the positive reviews.” -Patient from Charlotte, NC
  26. “Living a healthier life for myself and my family.” – Patient from Wethersfield, CT
  27. “I chose Medi-Weightloss®because I saw the commercial on TV and then I looked online and saw the positive reviews. Thank you Medi-Weightloss®you have changed my way of eating.” –Patient from Charlotte, NC
  28. “I chose because of the atmosphere and professionalism.” –Patient from Berwyn, PA
  29. “I looked in the mirror and was not happy with what I saw. I had just had back surgery for a herniated disk. When I went in for the consult, I really felt that they cared.” –Patient from De Pere, WI
  30. “Success! If you follow the program, you will be successful!” –Patient from Plainville, MA
  31. “Supportive staff members that review you’re weekly eating choices. They also monitor blood pressure, and provide weekly weigh-ins.” –Patient from Randolph, NJ
  32. "I heard good things about Medi-Weightloss®, so I thought I would try because it sounded like the support from the staff would keep me motivated, and they did! –Patient from Fort Myers, FL
  33. “The metabolic process and science behind it.” –Patient from Melbourne, FL
  34. “Medi-Weightloss®has taught me how to eat, what to eat, and how to keep the weight off, as an overall lifestyle change.” –Patient from Naples, FL
  35. “Other diets weren't working for me. It was a chance for me to start fresh.” –Patient from Cary, NC
  36. “I realize this will sound cliché,' but it is the only one that has ever worked for me!” –Patient from Northampton, PA
  37. ”There are many. The program was clear and easier to follow than counting points, as I have done in the past.” –Patient from Appleton, WI
  38. “After having tried literally every regimen, meal plan, and diet program in the book, I gave Medi-Weightloss®a shot because the approach was unlike any of the other programs that I had tried. They are the reason I have been able to make lifestyle changes.” –Patient from Houston, TX
  39. “Medi-Weightloss®is a program that works because it is closely monitored and customized for the patient's needs.” –Patient from Wethersfield, CT
  40. “Medi-Weightloss®gave me the courage and tools to succeed and change my daily habits to be successful.” – Patient from Overland Park, KS
  41. “To move better and look better.” – Patient from Rancho Mirage, CA
  42. “I choose Medi-Weightloss®because the plan was very simple and easy to follow.” –Patient from Lakeland, FL
  43. “It’s the one that works and I was able to do it and stick to it!” – Patient from Waco, TX
  44. “I wanted a program that focused around education and balancing food intake.” –Patient from Peoria, IL
  45. “It is something you can stick with and I like the fact that you are eating real food.” –Patient from Wethersfield, CT
  46. “I was looking for a program that could help me change my bad eating habits and teach me to prepare healthy delicious meals.” – Patient from Wilton, CT
  47. “I wanted to be held accountable by a healthcare team that worked together to come up with a plan that was right for me.” –Patient from Eastchester, NY
  48. “I needed to lose 50 pounds. I've tried other diets, but they never lasted, and got expensive after awhile. My wife’s coworkers mentioned Medi-Weightloss®and how the location near us accepted insurance.” –Patient from Wethersfield, CT
  49. “I feel so much better when following the program and the Tanita®slips give great insight into my health. My family used this program in 2015-2016 and lost a total of approximately 270 pounds.” –Patient from Raleigh, NC
  50. “I chose to give Medi-Weightloss®a try because I had struggled to lose weight. I am very impressed and I tell everyone about the program.” – Patient from Raleigh, NC
  51. “While on my weight loss plan I never felt tired, or exhausted. The supplements were super important in my case because they kept me going.” –Patient from Plano, TX
  52. “The slogan The One That Works!®says it all. It’s my number one reason for trying the program.” –Patient from South Park, NC
  53. “Because they give each person individual support. They also do medical screenings to determine your overall health.”-Patient from Plano, TX
  54. “Several friends recommended the program. I also felt safe because of the medical monitoring.” – Patient from Fort Myers, FL
  55. “A family member lost 80 pounds and kept it off for many years because the staff members took the time to teach him how to eat healthy. –Patient from Lafayette, LA
  56. “Love the friendly staff, they are very supportive, and offer a lot of different recipes. They truly care about your weight journey.” –Patient from Lakeland, FL
  57. “It is the healthiest option available for weight loss.” – Patient from Lakeland, FL
  58. “The ease of the program and the quality supplements.” – Patient from Overland Park, KS
  59. “Medi-Weightloss®gave me a plan that worked and allowed me to believe that change was possible.” – Patient from West Hartford, CT
  60. “I couldn't do it on my own. I decided I needed help to lose weight. “ – Patient from Glen Allen, VA
  61. “The staff is the most supportive and knowledgeable in the weight loss industry!” –Patient from Winter Park, FL
  62. “I was feeling unhealthy, unenergetic, and older than I should have before I joined. Now, my clothes fit well and I feel so much better!” –Patient from Fort Myers, FL
  63. “I found it to be realistic and not a fad diet.” –Patient from Orange, FL
  64. “I saw how Medi-Weightloss®had helped my friend and I wanted to lose weight. It is such a great program. People think it's the diet pills that make you lose weight but the food plan program works. I learned a lot by going each week.” –Patient from Auburn, AL
  65. By far the easiest and most successful program I’ve ever tried.” –Patient from Overland Park, KS
  66. “My daughter is getting married and I wanted to look great for her wedding.” –Patient from Orange, FL
  67. “Simply the best program ever and the one that definitely works!” – Patient from Southlake, TX
  68. “My coworker tried Medi-Weightloss®had saw significant results that made me immediately call to set up an appointment.” -Patient from Steel Creek, NC
  69. “I cannot give only one reason because I am forever grateful for Medi-Weightloss®.” – Patient from Fort Worth, TX
  70. “I tried to do it on my own but I needed help.” –Patient from Northampton, PA
  71. “It works well with my lifestyle.” – Patient from West Hartford, CT
  72. “I’ve been on more diets and diet plans than I could count and I can say Medi-Weightloss®works.” –Patient from Wethersfield, CT
  73. “I chose Medi-Weightloss®because I saw that it worked for my husband and a friend. They mentioned that they felt great while losing weight.” –Patient from Lakeland, FL
  74. “My sister-in-law had success, so I joined and have lost almost 60 pounds in a year.” –Patient from Midlothian, VA
  75. “I chose a plan that if I stuck to it, I would lose, and I did.” –Patient from Plainville, MA
  76. “I wanted to break through my weight loss plateau.” – Patient from Huntersville, NC
  77. “The medical background and effectiveness are both important.” –Patient from Berwyn, PA
  78. “It is the best weight loss program there is and trust me I have tried them all!” –Patient from Corpus Christi, TX
  79. “The variety!” –Patient from Irmo, SC
  80. “I appreciate all the support I am receiving to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.” –Patient from Marietta, GA
  81. “The vitamin and supplement support is a great plus!” –Patient from Cape Coral, FL
  82. “Losing the weight is easier than learning how to maintain the desired results. This is what makes Medi-Weightloss®special.” –Patient from Livingston, NJ
  83. “Easy to follow and I feel successful when I leave every week!” –Patient from Lutz, FL
  84. “I chose Medi-Weightloss®to get healthy and feel better!” –Patient from Scottsdale, AZ
  85. “If you stick to the plan, you will lose weight and not be hungry. You will have more energy and take back your life.” –Patient from Orange, TX
  86. “I feel my best, when I’m on the program. I can’t wait to complete it!” -Patient from Fort Myers, FL
  87. “The staff members are always so optimistic!” –Patient from Charlotte, NC
  88. “I chose Medi-Weightloss®because it was successful for a friend of mine. Since I saw how successful and happy she was with her weight loss and overall improvement in her health, I thought that I had better try this out for myself. I have been very successful.” – Patient from Ballantyne, NC
  89. “I was able to eat real food and had an excellent counselor.” –Patient from Cape Coral, FL
  90. “With the amazing help from the Medi-Weightloss®team I am almost 100 pounds down and feel better than I have ever felt!” –Patient from Glen Allen, VA
  91. “Because the supplements work!” –Patient from Midlothian, VA
  92. “It is the one that works for me!” –Patient from North Austin, TX
  93. “I lost weight fast and went down 3 sizes! I never felt hungry.” –Patient from Los Gatos, CA
  94. “It is proven and works with my lifestyle and needs!” – Patient from Orange, TX
  95. “The staff is very accommodating!”-Patient from Lutz, FL
  96. “Their slogan is true! “-Patient from Chesterfield, MO
  97. “A friend of mine joined lost weight. I was so impressed with her results.” -Patient from Southlake, TX
  98. “Because it is committed to teaching lifelong change and it works.” – Patient from Marietta, GA
  99. “It’s easy!” -Patient from Highlands Ranch, CO
  100. “The main reason why I enrolled was because of how comfortable everyone made me feel.” –Patient from Overland Park, KS

Thanks again for sharing your reasons!