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How To Beat The Heat And Still Exercise During Summer

Headign out of town soon? Great! Worried about how you'll manage sticking to a healthy eating and exercise regimen? That's totally understandable.

The bad news is, going out of town (i.e. your "comfort zone") can derail the progress you've made in your journey toward weight loss and fitness. The GOOD news is, with a little planning ahead of your departure, you can board that plane, train, cruise ship, or automobile with confidence, and a resolve that you won't be coming home with more "baggage" than you left with. (Important packing reminder: Make sure you include your Medi-Weightloss Journal, no matter where you go or how you get there, to keep track of your meals and snacks!)

Below are some tips to keep you on the path to meet your health goals:


Travel Image
  • No Gym? No Problem: If you're stuck at a hotel without a workout room, you can still exercise by doing repetitions of crunches, push-ups, jumping jacks, or by simply running in place. 


  • Make the Best of the Airport: Airports aren't just for people-watching - they make a great place to get a brisk 20- or 30-minute walk in prior to boarding a flight... just don't wander too far, especially if you're at a large airport like Hartsfield! If you have time, you can also walk from gate to gate, rather than board the "Plane Train," as they call it at Hartsfield Jackson Airport.


  • Two If By Sea: If your plans involve a cruise ship, don't worry if you packed your bathing suit instead of your workout clothes (not that I've ever forgotten about the cruise ship gyms... okay, I have). Simply enjoy a walk through the corridors or through the outside length of the vessel in the morning, and again in the evening. See how many laps you can do each time!


  • Explore The Land by Foot: Sometimes, you don't realize how much exercise you're getting when you opt to walk from one sightseeing spot to the next in a big city, instead of hailing a taxi. Give yourself plenty of time between tours - and pack a spare pair of exercise shoes, in case you travel to a rainy locale.


  • Fresh is Best: If you are staying at a hotel, condo, or AirBnB rental for several days in a row, that doesn't mean you should eat out at every meal. All you need is a grocery store or fresh fruit/vegetable stand to gather some healthy options. Strawberries, blueberries, peaches, hard-boiled eggs (packaged and sold in many grocery delis), broccoli and nuts can satisfy, either as a meal or snacks. (Regarding fruit consumption, always refer to the guidelines contained in your Journal, or talk to the medical staff prior to departure, to make sure the fruits you select are in keeping with the program.)


  • Traveling can Dehydrate: Making sure you stay hydrated is critical, especially if you are traveling via airplane. Make sure you stock up on bottled water, and preferably the kind with electrolytes (such as Propel).


  • Cruise Past the Buffet: If you're planning a cruise, try to avoid the all-you-can-eat buffets; after all, healthy eating involves portion control as well as consuming the right foods. Prior to your vacation, contact the cruise line to see if you can get on a "healthy eating" list, and dine in the sit-down restaurants on board. Sharing your dinner plates is another great way for you to avoid overeating. And if you overindulge at one meal, don't beat yourself up - simply cut back on your next meal, to even out your calorie intake. Remember: Protein, protein, protein!


  • Just Say No: Try to find a fresh fruit kiosk at airports, instead of investing in a meal at a restaurant... and if you are traveling overseas, remember that you will likely receive a meal or two during your flight. Be sure to request healthy options when buying your seats.