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                                                                                                                              Weight Loss and Water: How Much is Enough?

Patient, Medi-Weightloss® - Woodstock, GA

You've probably heard the saying, "drink plenty of water!" At no time is that phrase more applicable than when you are trying to lose weight.

Water Intake Chart

But how MUCH water you should drink has always been a mystery to me... until now, thanks to Medi-Weightloss® 

As you can see from the accompanying chart, a person weighing in at 150 lbs. needs to drink at least 75 oz. of water per day while on the Medi-Weightloss® program. Someone who tips the scales at 200 lbs. should drink 100 oz. of water. If you weigh 250lbs. or more at the start of this program, your water intake needs to be 125 oz. per day.

Totals like those were overwhelming... it sounded like a LOT of water to me, when I first began the program; but take it from one who now speaks from experience: It really isn't.

Disclaimer: I had never been a water-drinking enthusiast prior to beginning this program. In fact, I was a big fan of diet sodas, until around my 50th birthday, when I began to understand how detrimental all those chemicals and articial sweeteners in my beloved Diet Mountain Dews were to my overall health. 

I stopped my usual 2-per-day habit several months prior to starting the Medi-Weightloss® program, and within a few weeks, I was struck at how much of my belly fat disappeared. My weight wasn't affected, mind you - but the fat that my belly was storing was redistributed; I eventually learned that the chemicals contained in diet sodas tends to pile up around the mid-section. That explained a lot about how my clothes were fitting!

So, was it easy to drink as many ounces as I needed when I began my journey to weight loss? Once I got used to the idea that I needed to consume all those ounces to reach my goals, it was. Drinking water became part-and-parcel to everything else about the program that I needed to follow to succeed - just like cutting carbohydrates out of my diet was, or reaching my protein intake goals every day, or refusing to eat a delicious-looking dessert my dinner party host has offered.

I believe that success is as much a mindset as it is a goal. I want to succeed in my efforts to become a healthier person; therefore, I will do what it takes to achieve success. My results, so far, have been overwhelmingly positive. Giving my body the water it needs to aid in my weight loss success is so much easier than I thought it would be.

Oh, and by the way... you should see how much younger my skin looks and feels, thanks to my new water regimen! That makes THIS 50-something lady pretty happy. 

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